Private fishing trip in Tromsø

Private fishing trip in Tromsø

1 oktober til 25 mars, mandager, onsdager, fredager og søndager

One of the trips we want to offer is fishing trips. Why not gather for a proper northern Norwegian experience as winter fishing?

Knowledgeable local and experienced skippers and hosts with years of experience, including deep sea fishing tourism, will do their part to give you a memorable day. As an added bonus, you get a fantastic view of Tromsø and the surrounding area from the sea side. We are open for longer trips if desired.

We also have opportunities to arrange courses and conferences. We have PA facilities for live music if desired and guitars for loan if you want to provide the entertainment yourself.

As food, of course, we offer, among other things, the most delicious fish meals. One of the favorites is boiled cod with carrots, potatoes, bacon, onions, butter and flatbread. This has proven to be a sure winner. On this trip we are almost 100% sure that this is prepared from fresh self-caught fish.

We take safety seriously and have annual inspections of boats and other equipment. All our passengers are well insured on board

Included: guide, traditional home-made North Norwegian fish meal, hot drinks, lending of fishing equipment and overalls
Wear: warm clothes, warm underwear, hat, mittens and warm shoes
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: max 12
Difficulty: easy
Departure at 10:00 on the floating jetty at Scandic Ishavshotell. Arrive at our red and white catamaran MB Havcruise 15 minutes before departure.



NOK 12000

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