Grouse, Hare And Goose Hunting at the west coast of Finnmark, Sørøya

Grouse, Hare And Goose Hunting at the west coast of Finnmark, Sørøya

Summer and autmn

A hunt for hunters without dogs. As a hunter, you will have your own platform on board, an exiting form of “island hopping”! By workboat we place you on different islands with a solid hunting terrain. By this method, you will gain easy access to remote hunting areas well outside the regular fauna. After a long and eventful day on land we make sure to serve you the finest cuisine on board. These types of hunting trips usually takes place in the area around Sørøya, but can also be held in other areas for an extra fee.

You can also hire our cozy house Elfridastua and go hunting on your own, as long as you do have the lisence to hunt. Then we also might alloud you to bring your dog, but there are surten roules to follow for letting it into the house.

For information regarding hunting pass, laws and regulations, please see /



Price per person per 24hours: NOK 3000,- (includes accommodation per night, up to 8 hour trips and 3 meals per day) Minimum 7, max 12 passengers for minimum 3 nights.

You can also rent our small and comfortable guesthouse Elfridastua, and hunt on your own. For further information see our accommodation site.

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