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Summer activities

Company Trips

Our concept is suitable for all types of business trips, teambuilding or as a kick-off as they can easily combine with seminar or conference on-board (we have all necessary equipment ready) or a fishing trip, whale watching, or northern lights watching.

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Deep Sea Fishing

This is a fishing experience where you can expect to catch cod weighing up to and over 30 kg! At Sørøya "the land of the big fish" you can actually catch big cod or other kind of big fish all year around!

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Grouse, Hare And Goose Hunting

A hunt for hunters without dogs. As a hunter, you will have your own platform on board, an exiting form of “island hopping”! By workboat we place you on different islands with a solid hunting terrain. By this method, you will gain easy access to remote hunting areas well outside the regular fauna. After a long and eventful day on land we make sure to serve you the finest cuisine on board. These types of hunting trips usually takes place in the area around Sørøya, but can also be held in other areas for an extra fee.

You can also hire our cozy house Elfridastua and go hunting on your own, as long as you do have the lisence to hunt. Then we also might alloud you to bring your dog, but there are surten roules to follow for letting it into the house.

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Bird Watching Andotten Bird Mountain

The bird mountain is one of the most photographed motives on the island. The mountain itself has a characteristic plateau of 355 meters above sea level and looks very similar to the north cape. On the cliffside facing the sea, you can view a mesmerizing amount of nesting seabirds, such as herring gulls, black-backed gull, seagull, kittiwake and cormorants.

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Winter activities

Cod Skrei Season

From the end of March until the middle of April we offer a very exclusive fishing trip. It is the best time for catching BIG cod in the Northern part of Norway We have caught numbers of cods over 30 kg, actually up to 37,4 kg at this time of the year. In Norway we call this the "skrei season". This is really a lifetime experience for the "hard core" fishermen! At Sørøya "the land of the big fish" you can actually catch big cod or other kind of big fish all year around! We are situated at Sørøya from the 1th of April till the end of September every year.

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Company Trips

Our concept is suitable for all types of business trips, teambuilding or as a kick-off as they can easily combine with seminar or conference on-board (we have all necessary equipment ready) or a fishing trip, whale safari or northern lights watching.

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Tromsø Day Cruise

As owners of Sørøya Havfiskecruise Ltd. we can proudly introduce ourselves as a pioneer of winter tourism by boat in Tromso. OUR SLOGAN IS QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

This is a trip mostly to enjoy the wonderful winter colors and nature around the beautiful island of Tromsø. The host will tell small stories along the way and we are opened to questions about the city and other things. If you are freezing outside, you can always seat comfortably in the lounge and admire the fantastic view from the windows.Norwegian skippers and crew with great knowledge and years of experience, makes this a safe and memorable trip.

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Northern Lights Dinner Cruise

Northern Lights from the seaside is a special and very beautiful sight. Light-pollution disappears literally into the black sea. We keep ourselves in protected waters, and find the best place for aurora activity. Maximum 12 guests per trip provides a social and pleasant atmosphare. The owners live on board in the winter which also makes a homely atmosphare. We have around 80% score in a winter season, and then we see it with the naked eye, not only through camera. AS an added bonus you get with an amazing good views of the Tromsø area by night. Knowledgeable hosts with years of experience will make this an extra memorable trip. We are pleased to help with photography tips. A traditional homemade fish meal of the best quality, and hot drinks are included.Other food must be ordrerd in advance.

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Arctic Nature Cruise

This tour starts from the center of Tromsø. Along the route one can enjoy a breathtaking wild nature dressed in a beautiful and colorful winter landscape. A photographers dream we will claim.

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Fishing in the blue light hour

 It is almost a "must" to do a fishing trip while in Tromso. Northern Norway is known as one of the best fishing areas in the world. Since 2006 we have offered fishing trips for our guests. Our steady and solid catamaran MB Havcruise is specially built for fishing tourism., and we have top equipment onboard. Norwegian skippers and crew with years of experience and knowledge makes this a comfortable, educational and safe trip. A maximum of 12 guests per trip provides a social and a cozy atmosphere.

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House 115 kvm2 for renting at Sørvær. The house is furnished with retro furniture. The ground floor consists of living room, cozy well equipped kitchen, and bathroom with shower and toilet.  Big entry with plenty of space for clothes and other equipment. Second floor contains of 4 bedrooms, one toilet with washbasin. Outside a big veranda with a very good view of the village and the surroundings.

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The Ship - Ms Havcruise

The Catamaran is specially built for deep sea fishing, but is also used for other kind of activities and is a platform for hunting, ski by boat, trips around the North Norwegian islands, teambuilding, courses, conferences, company trips etc. Your imagination is the only limit.

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About us

A family run fishing & cruise service based in the richest waters of norway and europe, Sørvær on Sørøya in Vest-Finnmark. Come visit us for fishing, fjords, northern lights, whale safari's and more! Since we are fully mobile, we can also start from other places both in Troms and Finnmark counties.

In the winter season from the 1th of October until the 31th of March we are located in Tromsø. Then we offer Fishing Cruises, Day/Fjord Cruises, Whale Safari and Northern Light Cruises.

In the summer season we are in Sørøya. Sørøya is Norway's fourth largest island, area-wise, and is shared by the municipalities of Hasvik and Hammerfest. Its total area is 811.4 km². The island's landscape is open and practically free of any trees. It has a beautiful landscape to hike in with many good fishing lakes. Sørøya is often called "The green isle of the North".

The annual "Sørøydagene" (Sørøya Days) event takes place here each July. Sørøya is renowned for its big fish, and several world records for fish have been set here. We can offer a pick-up service for our guests, depending on the weather. Otherwise, there are good connections to and from Sørøya.

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September 12, 2018

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