Cod Skrei Season

Cod Skrei Season

End of March until the middle of April

From the end of March until the middle of April we offer a very exclusive fishing trip. It is the best time for catching BIG cod in the Northern part of Norway We have caught numbers of cods over 30 kg, actually up to 47,4 kg at this time of the year. In Norway we call this the "skrei season". This is really a lifetime experience for the "hard core" fishermen:-).

Malangsgrunnen outside of Tromsø and off course Sørøya "the land of the big fish", are some of the best areas for deep sea fishing at this time of the year.

You can order this trip directly with us by e-mail: or mobil: +47 94 84 75 00



  • 8 Hour Trip: 24,000 NOK (Includes Guide/Chef, and Skipper)
  • Hiring of the ship for shorter day trips: 2000 NOK per hour. Especially good from Sørøya where there is short travel time to the best fishing grounds.
  • Equipment: 500 NOK Per Person


  • Breakfast or lunch on board: 250 NOK
  • Dinner on board: 350 NOK
  • Accommodation on land south island 2600 NOK - per night (up to 4 guests in Elfridstua) extra NOK 250,- per guest more than 4.

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